Welcome to Action Speaks – Where Everything Is About Guitars!

Welcome To Action Speaks

If you are here to find out more about Guitars, Action Speaks is the right place.

I categorize it into 4 sections so that it is easy to navigate:

How Action Speaks Started?

I always believe this motto, walk what you preach. In other words, walk the talk. Because of this, I am using the name Action Speaks as the name of this website, to remind myself that taking action is more important. I am a firm believer of action speaks louder than words. This is how www.actionspeaks.co started.

As I have been in this guitar business for more than 8 years and a guitarist for more than 26 years, I have a lot to share. Not only in terms of sharing my skills on guitars (lessons) but also in guitar repairing tips, guitar business tips and so on.

I am using this opportunity to educate people more about guitar and guitar-related stuff and I will be also sharing some knowledge about woods, reviews, and how-to stuff and of course lessons.

I hope it will be beneficial to all of you as well as to myself, as I teach more I will learn more too. Stick around and enjoy it!

Here are some of my stories:

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26 thoughts on “Welcome to Action Speaks – Where Everything Is About Guitars!

  1. Ah, this is a very good site. Something that i have been looking for for a while now. My little sister is an aspiring guitar player and this is the reason why I think  that it will be very awesome if I am able to get some tips to help her repair her guitar just in case. I will be following your every post here.

  2. Wow! I am sure you have a lot of experience in the music industry, that’s really great. I am a singer and I really hope to learn how to play the guitar really soon. It is certain that when you teach others what you know, the knowledge sticks more and no one can take it away from you. Because you want to share with us amazing stuff, you will certainly do more research and learn more stuff too; it’s a win-win. Cool to know you repair the guitar too.

    1. Hi Harrison, Yes, I hope I will be helpful to more people. I will be giving lessons soon on how to play, as well as how to repair guitars but it will take some time. Stay tuned!

  3. Great read on your article, says alot… 

    I myself loved playing guitars for years but just wasn’t my talent on playing well..

    But great way to educate people about guitars, your entire article was a great read…

    Great work!!! Maybe I won’t give up hope on trying to play the guitar…

    Best of luck to ya!

    1. Hi Genia, yeah, guitar is a way to enjoy and release stress. I will be putting up some lessons soon, I hope it will help. Stay tuned!

  4. Wow, I must really say that this article is very detailed and it is filled with useful information. My daughter plays guitar, she’s still in music school but I think this will be of great help to her I knew more about guitar. Music is one aspect of life that should never be neglected, whenever I have the chance to be anywhere where there’s a concert or something related to music, I’m always happy. I’ll share this with my daughter, thanks.

    1. Thanks for sharing, very appreciate that. I will be posting some lessons soon for beginners. Hopefully will more people. Thanks again and stay tuned!

  5. Wow guitar  as always been my best instrument and so will always be I really like the sound of it I started learning on an acoustic  some years ago but when my teacher traveled I stopped so am thinking of getting on it back soon so am very delighted to see this your post you have posted I think I should go back to my guitar and get some stuff back done

  6. I am impressed with the little you explained about yourself in this post and being a guitarist is an interesting thing indeed. I am just learning to play the guitar from my little daughter who can play well, and she have asked me to get a guitar. From the links to the best acoustic guitars, I seem to like the Maton Guitar the most. I hope to have a great time learning. Beat regards

    1. Yes, Maton is a great guitar especially for fingerstyle type of music. However, Maton is not available in many places, you can find out from their official website where is the nearest dealers near your area. https://maton.com.au/

      Thanks for visiting.

  7. Este frumos să găsiți toate aceste informații despre diferite tipuri de chitare în paginile dvs. Dar am o întrebare. Spui că ai fost în industria muzicală de multă vreme. De asemenea, spui că ești pasionat în special de chitară. În paginile dvs. veți găsi informații despre cum să cântați la chitară?

  8. I’m so glad I found your site. There is a ton of useful content here. And your experience in this field is evident. I bought my first guitar when I was a teenager and learned a few basic accords (majors, minors, 7majors and quite a few more). But I really didn’t learn to play as I wanted. But recently I have committed to start learning again. And I have come across your site in a very timely moment. 

    1. Hi Henry, great to know you are learning again, I will be posting some lessons soon with video, I hope it helps. Stay tuned! Thanks for visiting

  9. As I write this, my fingers hurt. I’ve been trying to learn how to play B major and F major. Those bars are driving me crazy. LOL. I’m just starting my journey learning how to play the guitar but I’m progressing quickly and I’m excited. Your site will help me very much. Thanks.

  10. I have just started learning all about music and the guitar is an instrument that I really aspire to play sometime soon. You really have so many years of experience that will be of use to my own progression. I will be a very constant visitor to your site I’m sure. Nice post.

  11. You pointed out here that you will also be given some tips on how to make some repairs on the guitar. I would like to know if, in addition to this, you will also be giving us the names of tools that you will make use of to do this because I might need to fix it for my sister too. I await your prompt response.

  12. It is of great advantage to instrumentalists who know a lot about the musical instruments they are handling, it enables them to know about the rudiments, what possible faults it’s liable to develop and also how they can easily be solved without stress. You’ve got useful information here, it’s of immense benefit to guitarists. I’ll bookmark this page so I can get back to it when needed and I’ll also share it.

  13. Hey, you really know your stuff. This is a great site for guitarists to learn about, compare, and buy guitars. It is really beneficial especially for beginners to have a website so they can be directed in the right way, which this site does. I know it will really help many musicians. Good luck, Tom

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